Keltron Life Safety Management Systems Setup
Keltron's systems can provide a pictoral
representation of a plant layout and
highlight on-screen the response is
needed base on the alarm signal.
Advanced On-Site Control-Station Alarm Monitoring

In addition to off-site managed alarm monitoring systems, Bacon Equipment Company can
also install systems that continuously monitor and supervise all zones, accepting multiple inputs
on-site, beyond the requirements for any single alarm system - with no data loss.  The products
that we use, designed and manufactured by Keltron, accept every type of alarm input and
their powerful alarm monitoring systems manage the monitoring/control functions that occur
in municipal and proprietary fire and security systems.

Whether your facility is a college campus, a residential apartment building or a municipal fire
station, or your monitoring operators are on site or thousands of miles away, this high
performance system can be configured to provide exactly what you need to protect lives and

Benefits of Keltron’s Advanced On-Site Fire & Security Monitoring
  • Continuous supervised monitoring
  • Instant display and printout of events with no loss of data
  • Messages in plain English enabling instant, accurate action by operators
  • Touch screen control of system operations with audible feedback
  • Field-programmable messages and instant update for every point
  • Interactive 7-inch CRT with flashing, highlighting and reverse video annunciation
  • 2X more screen Information area than typical LCD displays
  • Satellite operator consoles provide full system access and control
  • Dot matrix, 32-column impact printer provides event hard copy and achievable records
  • Optional output relays enable field-programmable annunciator driver for existing panels

The Keltron alarm monitoring system is a high performance, cost effective, universal control
station monitoring application that can interface to new or existing systems.  It is also a reliable
option for on-site control station alarm and event monitoring.
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