VESDA Alert and Action Timeline
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Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
VESDA is a fire detection system that offers the earliest possible warning of a
potential fire, ensures business continuity and freedom from nuisance alarms,
can adapt to the ‘unique’ characteristics of any given environment, global
sales and distribution channels.

The VESDA system takes constant air samples through the pipe network via
a high efficiency aspirator. A sample of this air is then passed through a dual
stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample before it
allows the sample to enter the laser detection chamber for smoke
detection. The second (ultra fine) stage has the unique feature of providing
an additional clean air supply to keep the optical surfaces within the
detector clear from contamination and to ensure the stable calibration and
the calibrated detection chamber where it is exposed to a stable controlled
laser light source. When smoke is present, light is scattered within the
detection chamber and is instantly identified by the highly sensitive receiver
system. The signal is then processed and presented via a bar graph display,
alarm threshold indicators and/or graphic display. The VESDA detectors are
able to communicate this information to a fire alarm control panel, a
software management system or a building management system via relays
or a High Level Interface (HLI).

VESDA Applications;

In environments where down time must be eliminated or minimized:
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Clean Rooms
In environments where smoke is difficult to detect:
  • Warehouses
  • Atria
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Cold and Frozen Storage
  • Function Rooms
  • Indoor Stadiums
In harsher environments:
  • Power Stations
  • Mines
  • Public Transport
  • Automotive Operations
  • Paper and Lumber Mills
  • Manufacturing Operations
In environments where appearance is important:
  • Modern Offices
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Cathedrals
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Art Galleries