CO2 Cylinder Refills & Hydrostatic Testing Services

Did you know that the carbonation in sodas and the bubble in draft beer is the Carbon Dioxide
gas that is used to extinguish fires?  Because we keep CO2 on hand for servicing fire suppression
systems, it just so happens that we can also use it to recharge your CO2 cylinder for your beer keg
or soda fountain.  Whether you operate a restaurant and have hundreds of cylinders or have a
personal kegerator in your home, we can recharge your CO2 cylinders for you at reasonable

Keep in mind that because these cylinders are under high pressure, they need to be inspected
and tested from time to time to ensure that they remain safe.  Our shop foreman has been
inspecting and testing CO2 cylinders for over 35 years and will be happy to inspect and test your
CO2 bottle for you when you bring it in to be filled.  Remember, CO2 cylinders should be tested

Please call (214)742-5871 for information on pricing for our CO2 cylinder recharge, inspection and
testing services or
request information via email.
CO2 Tank for Soda Fountain or Kegerator
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