Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Dry chemical fire suppression systems are piped fire suppression systems designed to
provide full-time fire protection in high-risk areas where large, potentially disastrous fires
could occur. They provide a means of detection and suppression for complex hazards
which are too difficult and inaccessible for manual means of fire fighting or for areas
where fires could be too large and hazardous for fire fighters to enter and fight.  Dry
chemical fire suppression systems can be engineered for both local and total-flooding

Typical Applications;
  • Petroleum and petrochemical loading racks, refinery processing equipment,
    product transfer and storage areas and offshore platforms
  • Marine tanker decks, machinery spaces and loading docks
  • Manufacturing plant paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks, warehouses,
    hazardous materials storage buildings, machinery lubricating systems and
    flammable liquid storage areas
  • Machining centers
  • Metal chip collection systems
  • Aircraft parts manufacturing plants
  • Special hazard (combustible metal and/or pyrophoric material) handling and
    storage areas
  • Utility transformers, turbines and control equipment
  • Mining lubrication areas, conveyor drives and fueling areas
Configuration for a Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System
Example of a Dry Chemical Fire
Suppression System Configuration
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