Dry Ice

Dry ice is the compressed form of Carbon Dioxide or CO2.  CO2 is a naturally occurring gas
in nature.  Dry Ice has many uses including; shrinking pipe fittings, shipping frozen foods,
transporting biological specimens and removing small vehicle dings caused by hail
damage.  A very popular and fun use for dry ice is creating fog and special effects by
putting the dry ice in water.

While dry ice can be fun, it is a hazardous material and should be handled with care and
caution.  Always make sure you know how to properly handle and transport dry ice before
doing so.  

Create fog and special effects with dry ice
Dry Ice safety precautions for handling and storage

We sell dry ice by the block on a per-pound basis.  Whole blocks run approximately 50 lbs
and are priced on a per-pound basis.  The ice is weighed at the time it is removed from our
storage container and then sliced it into the size pieces that you need.  Smaller quantities
are available in half-block and 10 lbs sizes for a flat rate.    

The ice will be wrapped in heavy duty brown paper, but will still be very cold.  We advise
that you bring gloves with you to handle the ice safely. If you use dry ice in your business
and require regular delivery, we can provide delivery services for you.  Wholesale pricing is
available for large orders.  Delivery charges will apply.

Please call (214)742-5871 for current dry ice prices and availability or
request more
information by email.
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