Fire Extinguisher Sales & Inspection Services

We service most fire extinguishers, many CO2 cylinders, and certain oxygen bottles right in our
shop.  We have been providing these services for over 60 years and are among the most
experienced in the field.  

We can provide inspection, hydrostatic testing, and refilling for ABC, BC, D, Halon 1211 and
K-Guard extinguishers as well as CO2 cylinders and oxygen bottles.  We are DOT certified and
we hold fire extinguishing and hydrostatic testing licences with the State of Texas.  

Please note that we are no longer an FAA repair station.

Please call (214)742-5871 for a full list of available services and pricing or request more
information via email.
Various Portable Fire Extinguishers
Selection of ABC, BC, D and K-Guard
portable fire extinguishers
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