Fire Extinguisher Sales & Inspection Services

As fire protection experts, we know that different types of fires require different types of
extinguishers.  That is why we offer several different brands and types of fire
extinguishers.   We are an authorized distributor for Ansul, Badger, Amerex, Pemall and
Kidde-Fenwal brand fire extinguishers.  

Please call 214 742 5871 for information on what brands and types are available in stock
or on special-order or
request information by email.

Quality fire extinguishers are an investment, and when properly cared for, can last for
years and years.  The fire extinguishers that we service and sell have metal valves.  We
do not sell or service fire extinguishers with plastic valves.  We do this because over time,
plastic valves can become weak and in some cases crack, which makes servicing or
discharging the fire extinguisher dangerous.  Fire extinguishers with metal valves, on the
other hand can be refilled once they have been used.  It is important to take care of
your extinguisher and have them inspected annually to ensure that they are in safe,
working condition.  Please refer to the links on the left for more information on the
services we offer on portable fire extinguishers, aircraft Halon 1211 Extinguishers, aircraft
Oxygen assemblies, and Carbon Dioxide Cylinders.
Standard ABC portable fire extinguishers,
shown here in four common sizes.
ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers
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