Founder, Benjamin Bacon
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About Us

Since opening our doors in 1947, Bacon Equipment Company has been a small, family
owned Dallas-based business.  We did not start out as a bacon-supply company, as our
name might suggest, but rather take our name from the original company owner,
Benjamin S. Bacon, who came to Dallas as an entrepreneur after serving as a pilot in
World War II.  Though he started the business as a fire extinguisher company offering sales
and service, it quickly grew into new markets including the service of aircraft oxygen
bottles and sales of dry ice to airlines to keep airplane meals cold, installation and service
of restaurant fire suppression systems, pressurized cylinder service and design and
installation of custom fire hazard protection using Halon, Carbon Dioxide, Foam and other
waterless fire suppression agents.

Mr. Bacon sold the business to his son-in-law in 1983, who had worked for the company for
several years during that time and become an expert as a field technician and fire
system installer.  For several years after taking ownership, he continued to work in the field,
installing fire systems and gaining the invaluable knowledge that can only come from
hands-on experience.  As current owner, he now uses that expertise in designing the
custom engineered fire systems that protect all types of property including computer
data centers, server rooms, vaults, documents and several other types of valuables which
cannot be protected from fire using water.  He served as the founding Vice President for
FEDOT, the Fire Equipment Distributors of Texas.  Still the current owner and operator of
Bacon Equipment Company, he and his wife both work full-time as they continue to
jointly operate the family business.