Ultraviolet Fire Detection
Ultraviolet (UV) detectors work with light wavelengths. These types of detectors detect fires and
explosions within 3–4 milliseconds due to the UV radiation emitted at the instant of their ignition.
Because false alarms can be triggered by artificial UV sources, they are not optimal in environments
where they may encounter UV sources such as lightning, arc welding, radiation, and sunlight. In
order to reduce false alarm a time delay of 2-3 seconds is often included in the UV Flame detector

Infrared Fire Detection
Infrared (IR) flame detectors work within the infrared spectral band. Hot gases emit a specific
spectral pattern in the infrared region, which can be sensed with a type of thermographic camera
called a thermal imaging camera. Typical response times for infrared fire detectors is between 3 and
5 seconds.
Flame Detector
Flame Detector
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