Vesda Very Early Warning Fire Detection
Pemall Fire Extinguisher Corp.
Keltron Life Safety Event Management Systems
Ansul Fire Protection
Pyro-Chem Fire Suppresion
Badger Fire Protection
Kidde Fire Systems
Fire Sentry Electro-Optical Fire & Flame Detectors
Amerex Fire Extinguishers & Protection Systems
Keltron Life Safety Event Management Systems
Keltron Corporation is a leading provider of fire and security alarm monitoring solutions that enable organizations and companies to provide
dependable, scalable, life safety event response services. Keltron develops and manufactures secure, reliable, UL-listed fire and security
alarm response management systems, alarm annunciators and complementary alarm system components for the municipal and proprietary
life safety markets.

Victaulic Fire Protection
Manufacturers of Vortex fire suppression offering Nearly zero wetting of protected areas; no need for costly clean-up or equipment
replacement, green design that is safe for the environment and personnel, quick system recharge; minimal facility downtime, Open space
effectiveness; no need for assurance of room integrity.  The applications of Vortex fire suppression include; power, automotive, Industrial, data
centers, mining facilities, museum and libraries.

Ansul Fire Protection
ANSUL® is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products. The full line of ANSUL special hazard fire protection products includes
fire extinguishers and hand line units; per-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression
systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.

Kidde Fire Systems
Kidde Fire Systems is a global leader in fire protection, including fire detection, fire suppression and fire control products. Our products set the
benchmark for fire safety detection, prevention and protection.  Kidde’s fire suppression products include: FM-200®, Argonite®, 3M™ Novec™
1230 Fire Protection Fluid, FE-13™, WHDR wet chemical, and IND dry chemical. And their fire detection products include: ORION XT HSSD®,
Conventional and Intelligent Smoke Detectors and Linear Heat Detection.

Amerex Fire Extinguishers and Protection Systems
Amerex Corporation is an American-owned company which has been providing quality and innovative fire fighting products for over 25 years.
Amerex is recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers and has recently taken this
wealth of experience to new dimensions with per-engineered automatic restaurant and vehicle fire suppression systems, gas detection and
fire detection devices.

Badger Fire Protection
Badger offers a comprehensive range of industrial fire extinguishers, dry chemical fire suppression systems and Range Guard, the nation's first
commercial kitchen wet chemical fire suppression system.

Pemall Fire Extinguisher Corp.
Pemall is a division of Pem Systems and manufactures fire extinguishers and special fire hazard systems.  They offer a comprehensive Clean
Agent Engine Suppression System covering a wide variety of engines, vehicles, and other applications

Fire Trace
Firetrace Systems provides cost-effective, stand-alone, automatic fire suppression systems for your critical equipment, electrical/technical
systems and various types of enclosures.

Pyro-Chem Fire Suppression
Pyro-Chem manufactures a comprehensive line of fire protection products for commercial and industrial applications. Each is designed and
manufactured to the highest standards.  Pyro-Chem's fire protection systems include; KITCHEN KNIGHT® II Restaurant Systems, ATTENDANT™ and
ATTENDANT™ II Gas Station Systems, MONARCH® Industrial Fire Protection, SHUROUT™ Fire Suppression Systems, FM-200® Clean Agent Fire
Protection, Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers, and Detection and Control Equipment.

Vesda Very Early Warning Fire Detection
VESDA very early warning fire detection solutions with continuous air sampling provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire
hazard. VESDA buys time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage or business

Fire Sentry Electro-Optical Fire & Flame Detectors
Fire Sentry Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and markets fast-reacting electro-optical fire and flame detectors, portable
test lamps, controllers, and control panels. Fire Sentry detectors rapidly and reliably detect all types of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires
for a broad range of industrial markets.
Victaulic Fire Protection
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