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Commercial Fire Protection & Fire Alarm Contractor in Dallas, Texas

Located in Dallas, Texas, Bacon Equipment Company is a local fire protection contractor specializing in the detection and
suppression against many special fire hazards. We have been protecting the DFW area for over 60 years and have been
continuously family owned and operated since day one. We are fully licensed with the state of Texas to design, install, and service
custom engineered fire protection and alarm systems as well as offer other fire protection related products and services. At Bacon
Equipment Company, we are fully licensed and Insured and provide 24-hour emergency service to our customers.

Services Overview
Custom Fire Suppression Systems
Commerical Fire Detection & Alarm Service
Fire Extinguisher Sales & Inspection Services
CO2 Cylinder Refills & Testing
Dry Ice Sales
Commerical Fire Detection & Alarm Service
Portable Halon 1211 Service
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Custom Fire Suppression Systems
Bacon Equipment Company specializes in custom
engineered clean agent fire protection systems for
special fire hazards such as computer data centers,
server rooms, vaults, documents, priceless works of
art and other valuables which cannot be
protected with water suppression.  We can help
you determine which agent most suitable for your
special fire hazard and can design and install Halon
replacements such as
FM-200, the Clean Agents
FE-13 and FE-25, Foam,Inergen, 3M Novec 1230
, Foam,  Carbon Dioxide and Argonite.
Commercial Fire Alarm Service and Installation
We're an industry leader in the installation and
maintenance of commercial fire alarm and for your
specific fire alarm needs including optical fire
detection using U/V and infrared technology, heat
detection and smoke detection.  We proudly
service and install Keltron, Kidde-Fenwal and Ansul
brand fire alarm systems.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring
We offer 24/7 commercial fire alarm monitoring at
reasonable rates and can provide this service if we
are installing your fire alarm or integrate with your
existing system.  Our monitoring systems will
dispatch police, fire, and emergency services
immediately upon an alarm, as well as notify you
and your designated contacts. Wireless alarm
monitoring options are also available and can
integrate with your elevators, HVAC system, and

Aircraft Bottle Testing & Services
We are DOT certified to perform both hydrostatic
tests and leak checks on aircraft oxygen bottles.
Fire Extinguisher Sales & Inspection Services
Certain types of extinguishers are more effective to
extinguish different types of fires.  Bacon Equipment
Company can not only sell you the right fire
extinguisher to meet your fire extinguishing needs,
we can also inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they
meet safety standards, keeping your equipment in
serviceable condition.  We can also recharge your
extinguisher if it has been discharged.

CO2 Cylinder Refills & Hydrostatic Testing Services
In addition to protecting against special fire
hazards and servicing portable fire extinguishers,
we can also perform pressure tests on CO2 cylinders
as well as recharge CO2 tanks for beer kegs and
soda fountains.

Portable Halon 1211 Service
We are DOT certified to overhaul certain portable
halon 1211 and perform hydrostatic tests on most
portable Halon 1211 extinguishers. Please note that
we are no longer an FAA repair station and cannot
service any extinguisher that will be used for
aircraft application.

Dry Ice Sales
Dry ice has many fun and practical uses. We sell dry
ice to the public at competitive prices.  We also
offer wholesale discounts for customers who have
regularly scheduled bulk dry ice orders and can
deliver dry ice to select areas in Dallas.  Please call
(214)742-5871 for more information on purchasing
dry ice or setting up a recurring dry ice delivery.  We
are one of the few suppliers that will custom cut dry
ice to suit your specific needs.
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